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Career Consultation

Principle and Service :

We have provided with the Recruiting and Placement of Human Resources personnel, in Tokyo Japan since 1997 especially in the fields of Information Technology , Financial Institutions and other professional jobs.
With technology moving this process ever faster, we expect the old saying “You are not seen nothing yet.” to be uppermost in Clients and Candidates minds.
Because of the increasing need of talent for Clients and the developing philosophy of the individual being highly concerned with his or her own career development over the loyalty to the Company, the urgent need for the talent will not subside; it will follow Moore’s law of growth. We believe in serving the individual Company and Candidate in a manner that is professional and personal.
We value mutual trust and integrity. We provide clients and candidates with appropriate information to maximize a mutually satisfactory clients/candidates relationship.

Our strategic alliances with several search firms enable us to bring the resources, contacts and knowledge of search professionals to bear on a client assignment. This gives us a unique ability to react to changing market opportunities with speed and effectiveness.

Client focused
Relationship oriented
Commitment to excellence

For Japanese Job Seekers :

We provide you with the various kinds of job opportunity for the foreign capitalized companies in Japan for the following people :
Japanese students who are now the undergraduates and the postgraduates in US and European countries.
Japanese business people who are currently working at the affiliated company of Japanese capitalized one/Foreign capitalized one in the US and European countries.

Areas of expertise served :

Software :
Systems Engineer Systems Analyst Network Engineer
Programmer Systems Consultant Management
Electrical/Electronic/Hardware :
Circuit Design Development & Design for Semi-Conductor
Tele-Communication Engineer Sales Engineer Quality Control
Mechanical :
Mechanical Design Sales Engineer Quality Control
Chemical/Metal/Materials/Bio-Chemistry :
Research&Development Product Development Health Care
Sales Engineer Quality Control Management

For bilingual Non-Japanese Job Seekers :

We provide you with the especially IT position for whom they are planning to work at the foreign capitalized company in Japan and they are bilingual in English and Japanese.